IBIE 2022: 18 September — 21 September

Las Vegas Convention Center

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You're invited to attend an immersive experience at IBIE 2022 in Las Vegas from 18 September thru 21 September.


Watch our trailer above and look for the BIG BLACK BOX at Booth #1633.

Step inside our world. Step inside your future. Join WP at IBIE 2022 in Las Vegas.

Maypole Bakery

Qormi, Malta

WP and Maypole Bakery in Malta | IBIE 2022
James Debono and Nenu Debono
Maypole Bakery, Qormi, Malta

“Before we had more machines. We had a machine for ciabattas…we had a machine for burgers and hot dog buns. With the WP line, we can do 20, 30, 40 different types of products and with more capacity.” – James Debono

“With the WP line, we found that we could do a lot of different types of products and with more capacity. The WP line resulted in more success from more productivity and reliability in the products.” – James Debono

“Because of the efficiency of the WP Kemper line, we gain time.” – James Debono

“Kemper machinery is something I always dreamed of - to have high quality bread and the capacity to do so.” – Nenu Debono

Backhaus Hackner

Gaimersheim, Bavaria, Germany

WP and Backhaus Hackner in Germany | IBIE 2022
Thomas Hackner and Stefan Hackner
Backhaus Hackner, Gaimersheim, Bavaria, Germany

“Over the years, WP has proven itself, both in terms of durability and customer service.” – Thomas Hackner

“For me, it's important to have trust/confidence and we have had a very good partner in WP.”– Thomas Hackner

“We looked at different machines, but decided on the Multimatic. It's top-notch in terms of construction, stability and precision.” – Thomas Hackner

“We bought two new machines this year, that shows we have been satisfied in the past. I also believe that we will do quite well with WP in the future. This is a good partner for us.” – Thomas Hackner

“The relationship with WP, I simply believe that we have grown together over many years. We both appreciate each other. There are also people behind it, with whom we can work well together, who actually get involved when there are problems.” – Thomas Hackner


San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico

WP and Panovo in Mexico | IBIE 2022
Marco Palma, Juan Barba, Guillermo Conchas
Panovo, San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico

“The level of attention, kindness, the simplicity of the language and patience in which they explained the phases of the project, how to deliver the product, their level of responsibility - it was an enriching experience for me that I will never forget.” – Juan Barba

Working with Kemper, I have never before witnessed this level of knowledge, technology, and structure in any other company dedicated to this line of business.” – Juan Barba

“The way they solved things and the level of control they have over their processes, the speed with which the whole project is carried out on their part, the way they respond, the technical support - working with Kemper was a wow experience! It was inexplicable.” – Juan Barba

“Precision in the weight of the donuts, plus or minus one gram, is impressive. We had not seen that in any other line. It’s awesome.” – Juan Barba

“The consistency, the uniformity in production that we have throughout the days, throughout the months - it’s impressive.” – Juan Barba

“Whether mechanical, operational or technological, they were able to resolve issues on all levels.” – Guillermo Conchas

“WP Kemper gave us the confidence, strength, and tools to make a different kind of high quality visually attractive donut, different from anything else offered on the market.” – Guillermo Conchas

Otto Bakery

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

WP and Otto Bakery in Vietnam | IBIE 2022
Thao Pham and Christian Leitzinger
Otto Bakery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“We needed to find a supplier who could provide not only capacity but a solution to our growth challenge and a roadmap for our product portfolio. Those three parts really anchor all industrial production and enterprise growth. WP came in with a solution to all three of those.” – Christian Leitzinger

"[With WP] We were able to completely leapfrog all market competitors, evolutionary leap; lower our unit costs, energy costs; our waste ratio collapsed and that just led to us being able to scale the business factors more than we were able to before and allowed us to become the leading player in industrial bakery here in Vietnam today." – Christian Leitzinger

“What we've been able to build with the support of the WP equipment has been remarkable. We built an entire company through one solution. That single solution has led to the country being able to have extremely affordable, extremely high quality industrial bakery products.” – Christian Leitzinger

“We visited all of the large industrial bakery companies and toured factories, tested equipment, tested formulas. In the end, WP does provide a holistic solution, which was quite cost-effective and very suitable for our dough type. But more than that, the line flexibility was the highest we had seen from all of the other companies. The line allowed us not only to be cost-efficient, it allowed us to find new ways to scale our company with one toolset.” – Christian Leitzinger

“WP provided a complete solution. That solution allowed us the confidence to put it in our building and launch our dream.” – Christian Leitzinger

“We had to agree together on a product plan, a product roadmap, and a vision for our business. They were not selling us a piece of equipment. We were working together to develop a solution to help me scale my enterprise for the decades to come.” – Christian Leitzinger

“…relationship is quite critical in any business, but particularly in industrial baking when the line is not necessarily for capacity. Each investment brings creativity into your organization, and that creativity always needs some technical support and sales support. Harold's been critical in helping us evolve our business...” – Christian Leitzinger

Heidelberg Bread

Frankfort, New York, USA

WP and Otto Bakery in Vietrnam | IBIE 2022
Dan Bissell, Boyd Bissell, and Hadley Bissell
Heidelberg Bread, Frankfort, New York, USA

“WP - they're right there. They have everything we need and there's somebody always at the other end of the phone.” – Dan Bissell

“With the [WP] machines now, every loaf is shaped exactly the same…there's a level of efficiency with this equipment that could never be achieved by the old methods.” – Dan Bissell

“The breadline we have today from WP is really an amazing investment - the perfection of every loaf, not to mention the labor saving(s).” – Boyd Bissell

Bakker Goedhart

The Netherlands

Bakker Goedhart in The Netherlands | IBIE 2022
WP and Bakker Goedhart in The Netherlands

“In all the bakeries from Goedhart, we're trying to buy as much from Haton as we can.” – Willy Boneschansker

“I am a baker with a technical approach and WP Haton listened and together we were able to achieve what we set out to do with our bread.” – Jan Borgesius

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