WP L Tewimat Dough Divider and Roundmoulding Machine, WP Bakery Group USA, Retail, Wholesale and Industrial Bakery Equipment and Food Service Industry Equipment, Shelton, CT USA

Accurate dividing. Gentle on the dough. Industrial quantity in best craftsmanship quality.



  • Touch screen control
  • Measuring unit
  • 1 chamber drum
  • 900 mm spreading belt
  • Movable flour duster
  • Pneumatic moulding belt tensioner


  • Double piston for increased weight variability
  • Spreading belts in different lengths
  • Larger dough hopper
  • Blower for particularly cold and/or soft dough
  • Additional oiling for soft and sticky dough
  • Divided cleaning brush
  • Removable belt driving roller – option
  • Discharge roller with separate motor
  • Spreading belt drive with separate motor
  • Central lubrication



  • Wheat dough
  • Mixed rye dough
  • Doughnut dough
  • Fruited dough
  • Graham dough


  • 28 – 300 g
  • max. 3,000 pcs/h

Added Value


  • CleanTec spreading belt – option
  • Divided cleaning brush – option
  • Removable belt driving roller – option
  • Oil-free dividing process
  • All dough-handling parts can be removed largely without tools
  • All dough-handling parts are consistently separated from the drive mechanism
  • Stainless steel paneling
  • Easy operation
  • Gentle dough dividing thanks to suction dividing technology and variable pressure adjustment
  • Product diversity thanks to innovative double piston system
  • Maximum dividing precision thanks de-gassing system
  • Utmost flexibility thanks to
    – flexible number of rows
    – flexible weight setting
    – flexible weight range
    – flexible capacity adjustment
  • Hydraulically adjustable dividing system
  • Reduced production costs thanks to oil-free dividing process

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TEWIMAT Dough Dividing and Roundmoulding Machine

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