Rare to find sales people like that these days!

Congratulations to Jessica Gingrich for a job so well done!

One of Jessie’s clients wrote to us yesterday to compliment her on her follow-up and assistance. It was such a warm and wonderful letter that we just have to share it! The subject line of the email got our attention right off the bat…”Our sales contact Jessica is great!” We agree. But, Brittany, thank you so much for telling us!

The letter reads:

Hello Kimberly,

I am not sure if you are the best person to contact but hopefully if not you can pass this email along. We ordered an RMBB from you guys recently and we are really liking the machine. We are in the process of working out a few kinks [getting to know the machine] but overall the machine is great. I just wanted to send you a quick compliment about our sales person Jessica. She was great throughout the sales process but even after we received our machine she has been incredibly helpful and responsive. She sent an email when we received our equipment and has followed up since. We were trying to get more charging clothes and she stayed on top of it until she knew that they were on their way to us.

It is rare to find sales people like that these days! I thought it was worth the email. Sometimes it is nice to hear feedback from a customer about your team.

Brittany Migneault
Owner/ Baker

We pride ourselves on our response to our customers’ needs. And Jessie exceeds our expectations. We’re fortunate to have her. Would you like to work with Jessie? She can help your business grow. Give us a shout at 203-929-6530 today.

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