WP Connect

The digitally based monitoring system
uses hundreds of data points to permanently
diagnose the condition, and thus the
functionality, of the machine.

WP Connect: The Digitally-Based Monitoring System for WP Commercial and Industrial Bakery Equipment

WP CONNECT - Digital Bakery Equipment Monitoring

How can I achieve consistent production reliability of my bakery equipment?


WP CONNECT, the digitally based monitoring system for WP commercial and industrial bakery equipment, uses hundreds of data points to permanently diagnose the condition, and thus the functionality, of the machine. As such, early detection of imminent malfunctions is possible, and production downtimes can be avoided. Damage is immediately identified and reported to the bakery and, if desired, also straight away to us at WP Kemper.

WP Connect Identity - Digital Bakery Equipment Monitoring

WP CONNECT – Identity

The machine and its primary operating data are unambiguously identified with WP CONNECT and immediately transmitted in full to WP Service: machine type, machine number, software version used, number of operating hours and units produced, maintenances carried out or the next maintenance service; then the current operator and the current recipe. And in case of a malfunction, of course, the malfunction incurred.

Since this information is made available automatically and can be retrieved in full by WP Service, ample valuable time is saved.

WP Connect Technics - Digital Bakery Equipment Monitoring

WP CONNECT – Technics

The multitude of technical information that is permanently diagnosed and mapped comprehensively describes the production reliability of the machine.

The currents acting on the drives, which must keep within the specified range at all times, for example, are of utmost importance.

WP Connect Product - Digital Bakery Equipment Monitoring

WP CONNECT – Product

What is being produced on the machine, and how? It is important that the dough meets the desired parameters. And that it is doing fine. WP CONNECT therefore diagnoses all relevant dough information – the flow of the dough, the filling levels on the roller frame, the dimensions of the dough pieces, their weight on the accurator, the temperature of the oiling.

WP Connect on iPad - Digital Bakery Equipment Monitoring
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