WP Energy Recovery

WP ENERGY Recovery

– Concepts for energy recovery

The energy used in your ovens can – and should – be recovered as best as possible. And it should be reused wherever it can be put to good use.

Saving energy is one side of the coin; recovering the energy used is the other.

Think Energy.

In ongoing baking operations, the regular use of energy – a great deal of energy – cannot be avoided. A not-insignificant proportion of this energy – approx. 40% – from the operation of the ovens can be recovered through the use of exhaust gas and steam heat exchangers. It can then be used, for example, for space heating and water heating.

ENERGY RECOVERY from your Industrial Bakery Equipment

  • Energy recovery from exhaust gas
  • Energy recovery from steam
  • Combined energy recovery from exhaust gas + steam


  1. WP Exhaust gas heat exchanger
  2. WP Steam heat exchanger
  3. WP Energy block combined exhaust gas/steam heat exchanger
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