24 Hour Hotline

For 24 hour customer service and technical support, please call 203-929-6530.

Our business operating hours are:
9 am - 5 pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday.

After-hours calls will be dispatched to service technicians, who will respond promptly.

Our WP Bakery Group USA Blue Box contains all of the critical spare parts that you may need at the most unexpected times. It is your insurance policy. We've analyzed which parts are critical for each machine that we sell and we make them available to you as a package in a convenient case that has a visual inventory system and part numbers for easy reordering. Having a WP Blue Box provides you with peace of mind. If you need a part, it's right there at your fingertips. You'll have very little downtime because WP Bakery Group USA planned ahead…just for you. At WP Bakery Group USA, we are focused to bring you more value than anyone else can do….. our mission is to create raving fans and we hope to make raving fans out of you.