Baking & Snack: Take the right steps to make changeovers easy for dividers and rounders

Changeovers often require swapping out or adjusting dividing and rounding equipment, although parts can often be exchanged within minutes.

There are certain steps that need to be taken for each piece of equipment.

“In our case, it would be that the divider operator has the correct double screw, insert size and/or gauging block in the divider to ensure proper weight accuracy and properly portioned dough piece size for ideal rounding,” said Jim Fontaine, bakery field sales manager, Reiser. “Some conical rounders have adjustable tracks, and the operator should adjust when changing scale weight to maintain a nice round shape.”

Belt speeds are normally the most critical to getting up to speed after a changeover, said Bruce Campbell, executive product manager, AMF Flex, an AMF Bakery Systems brand.

“AMF Flex makeup systems are all recipe-controlled and learn from day to day,” he said. “So repeatability on the same product day to day is guaranteed, and changeovers are efficient.”

Nate McDermott, director of customer service, WP Bakery Group USA, suggested replacing worn pistons and cassette inserts and unclogging any spray nozzles to ensure that oil is flowing. He also said to clean the ram to keep it moving without resistance.

Having a backup plan is always a good idea.

“The recipe is in the PLC, and it is best to also have a cheat sheet to ensure you are setting up the right drum, number of rows, pressure roller settings and long moulder setting,” said Bruce Gingrich, vice president of sales, WP Bakery Group USA.

Servos used by Middleby Bakery Group’s brands allow for improved accuracy, reduce giveaway and provide gentle suction to the infeed side, said Jay Fernandez, manager, Middleby Bakery Innovation Center.

“The suction side is important because it reduces pressure and friction,” he explained. “Bun manufacturers have been using dough developers for years. They control the specific density in the dough, so the negative effects of fermentation become manageable.”

Dividers and rounders provide consistency for bakeries, ensuring that weights and sizes are right, and dough is handled gently. Bakeries that keep machinery clean, properly maintained and adjusted as needed will ensure that equipment runs efficiently and accurately.

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Reprinted with permission from Baking & Snack

October 17, 2022 | By Michelle Smith

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