Our WP Haton CleanProofer is a more dough-friendly and more hygienic intermediate proofer system for breads.

Our CleanProofer is Perfect for fancy breads with soft and sticky doughs

We kept our customers’ search for a more flexible intermediate proofer system in mind when we developed our CleanProofer. Suitable for a wider variety of exotic products and/or smaller dough weights, the CleanProofer is a more dough-friendly and more hygienic intermediate proofer system.

Instead of a traditional turning station, the CleanProofer turns the dough piece every ‘x’ minutes. The dough stays in the same pocket. This is a much more dough-friendly treatment — allowing the system to process higher water content (10+%) and softer doughs. The Result? Doughs get more volume and the end product gets extended freshness. Experiments have also shown better results with less or no “special” additives.

The stainless steel pocket on our CleanProofer, suitable for high pressure cleaning, is a designed specifically so that it prevents the dough from sticking and handles the dough as gently as possible.

The CleanProofer is the perfect next step in following the trends for healthy food products in the market. This more modern process leads to healthier bread and a reduction of the production costs.

Disturbances in production normally lead to issues in the intermediate proofer. But not with our CleanProofer! With the help of the “pendeling” mode, the transport system moves back and forth so that the content of the proofer can be stored during proofing for a given time, thus solving the issues in production.


  • Perfect for fancy breads with more difficult (softer and more sticky) doughs
  • Higher water contents (up to +10%)
  • No traditional turning station(s)
  • Special swings, transport and proofer pockets
  • Industry 4.0-ready: servo controlled synchronization & 3D Twin controlling.
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance, Cleantech design suitable for high pressure cleaning
  • Continuous system with the advantage of a “buffer function”
  • Capacity up to 3,600 pcs/hr
  • Intermediate proofing time up to 45 minutes @ 1,000 gr.
  • More turnover with the same amount of ingredients due to higher water content. Pendeling mode gives time to solve issues elsewhere in the line.
  • Proofer placed in insolated housing with separate climate installation
  • Available now



  • Organic-, green label- and recipes with less salt
  • Difficult (softer and more sticky) doughs
  • Smaller dough weights


  • Up to 3,600 pcs/h

Added Value

  • More dough friendly treatment makes automatic production of exotic food products possible.
  • Timing flaps are Teflon coated
  • Stainless Steel swing trays
  • Special Stainless Steel C-proof perforated and treated proofer pockets

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