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Baking with the energy savings factor

More economical baking
With technology you can rely on

ROTOTHERM® GREEN, the baking cabinet with a rotating rack trolley, is leading the way towards more economy – as an energy-reducing, flexible, space saving and easy to handle alternative to a traditional deck oven. It has the principle of circulating air with a generously dimensioned heat exchanger that has proven its robustness for continuous operation over many years. Its special strength is the handling of various batch sizes.

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Energy conscious action
With technology that makes you feel good

ROTOTHERM® GREEN is designed for rack trolleys that can hold all common sheet sizes. The baking oven convinces with the special quality of baked goods, its excellent durability and production safety. Moreover, it is also highly energy efficient. The  ROTOTHERM® was honored by TÜV Süd, a German technical service provider, with the popular “energy-efficient technology” seal in 2009.

Both bakers and their customers are very pleased with this baking technology. The bakers are thrilled with the superior bloom development and baking results achieved in all weight categories, even with tight loading patterns. The customers appreciate the variety of delicious and crunchy high quality baked goods.

Demand and distinction

  • Precise and constant temperatures
  • Intense and efficient steaming
  • Uniform distribution of heat and steam
  • WP THERMOGATE – for economical batch-to-batch baking
  • Gentle baking with a relatively high amount of air
  • WP VARIOPILOT – perfect adjustment of the circulating air (amount of air, air velocity, air temperature) to any kind of baked good for optimum browning for example
  • Reliable and reproducible baking results

More flexible operation
With technology that fits the way you work
Energy consumption as well as maintenance and repair are the most common cost factors for baking ovens. Therefore, we did what we could to minimize these cost factors with the ROTOTHERM® GREEN. But this is not all! You, as the baker, will be put into the position of gaining more profits because our technology is not just reliable, it is flexible as well. Day after day!

One significant aspect is obviously the quick product change within your product range – this can be carried out while keeping the heat losses during loading and unloading to a minimum. WP THERMOGATE ensures a quick change over of rack trolleys with minimal heat losses. In this way, you will benefit from reduced costs that go along with an increased throughput and/or shorter baking times because the heat stays inside the oven during the change over.

Innovation and individuality

  • Less energy consumption saves costs
  • Optimized change over of trolleys with WP THERMOGATE
  • Less effort required for maintenance and repair
  • Easy, intuitive operation with WP NAVIGO II PROFI-CONTROL
  • High quality stainless steel design
  • Elaborate, highly efficient insulation
  • Easy monitoring and coordination of several ovens with WP OVEN CONTROL



  • Safety package (as per CE standards)
  • Automatic rotary table shut-off
  • Integrated remote display



  • Bread
  • Pan bread
  • Toast
  • Rolls
  • Pastries


  • Max. baking area 12.6 m²

Added Value


  • Easy operation thanks to WP NAVIGO II PROFI-CONTROL
  • WP Intelligent Energy Control
  • Rich vapor
  • Technology for best quality baking results
  • Excellent baking performance, low consumption – 25 % less energy consumption
  • Optimized air flow for best quality bakery items
  • Excellent vapor for highest demands
  • WP hygiene concept
  • Long service life



  • Increased baking chamber
  • Rotating table drive with soft start
  • Damper flap
  • Flue gas heat exchanger
  • Oil/gas blower-type burner
  • Flue gas and steam merging adaptor
  • Electric heating
  • Extended ramp length (380 to 1,000 mm)
  • Rotating table reinforcement to 450 kg

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