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The perfect dough divider and round moulder

Dividing and round-moulding for optimum quality of bakery items WITH THE MULTIMATIC YOUR OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS!

  • Diverse product range: Processing of all conventional bread roll dough
  • Extended weight range: Dividing range between 25 g and 200 g, dependent on machine configuration and end product.
  • High performance for trade and semi-Industry: up to 2,000 dough pieces per row/hour depending on machine type.

You can already decisively improve the quality of your end products in the dough dividing and round-moulding processes. The more precise and gentle the procedure, the better the result. The results of the MULTIMATIC are superb.


  • Gentle on the dough and accurate in weight terms
  • Extended weight range
  • Dough pieces in best craftsmanship quality



  • Wheat dough
  • Wheat mixed dough
  • Rye mixed
  • Special dough


  • 25 – 150 g/pcs.
  • 600 – 2,000 pcs./h per row (weight-dependent)



  • 4-, 5- or 6-row
  • Spreading belt, length 900 mm
  • Measuring pistons, dia. 50 mm (with MUS)
  • Moulding drum, grooved
  • 1 chamber drum of your choice
  • Stepper drive
  • Synchronous switch


  • Measuring pistons/double measuring pistons for different weight ranges
  • Various spreading belt lengths
  • Variety of chamber drums
  • Turning station for change of final position
  • Flour duster, swivel-mounted
  • Electrical adjustment downstream production unit

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MULTIMATIC C Dough Dividing Machine

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