We’re off to Chicagoland to attend Wheatstalk 2014 today and we couldn’t be happier. We’re proud Event Contributors, providing Wheatstalk 2014 with not one, but two, Matador® Store ovens, our electric stone hearth deck ovens for in-store baking. Our Matador® Store Deck Ovens are networkable… meaning that you can control them from a remote location. The top decks of the oven can be controlled separately from the bottom of the oven… perfect for making different types of bread with different temperatures and cooking times at the same time. Hearth-baked products bake especially well on our special stone baking plates. Lastly, our Matador® Store ovens come with WP GreenEnergy for minimal energy with maximal efficiency. Additionally, the folks at Wheatstalk will be using one of our SP Spiral Mixers from WP Kemper.

Watch our blog as well as our Facebook Page and our Twitter Feed as we update you with photos of the demos and photos of the famous bakers conducting these demos using our WP Bakery Group USA bakery equipment.

Wheatstalk is taking place, once again, at Kendall College. What better place to learn how to create modern breads with 100% whole wheat or with ancient grains? The attendees converging on Wheatstalk this year will also hone their skills in running a bakery and purchasing bakery equipment. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.

Excerpts from the Bread Baker’s Guild of America website:

Join us and play with fire in the wood-fired oven, explore the possibilities of specialty shaped loaves, learn how to create modern breads with ancient grains, create tantalizing breakfast pastries and artistic showpieces that dazzle. Are you eager to understand flour better? Want to learn more about the microbakery revolution or the baking evolution? We promise; we will offer something for everyone.

The three days of baking and learning featured exciting demos… hands-on classes and lectures taught by industry leaders and mentors, including:

Volker Baumann Tim Huff Didier Rosada
Tod Bramble Philippe Le Corre Frank Sally
Jory Downer Leslie Mackie Amy Scherber
Eric Futran Pat Manley Kurt Schmitt
Jeremey Gadouas Juan Manuel Martinez Michel Suas
Lee Glass Richard Miscovich Solveig Tofte
Jeffrey Hamelman Tracey Muzzolini Jeff Yankellow
Ciril Hitz Harry Peemoeller Mike Zakowski
Bruce Hoshor Craig Ponsford Pierre Zimmermann
Andrew Ross

Will we see you at Wheatstalk?

WP Bakery Group USA
Proud Event Contributor, Wheatstalk 2014

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