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WP Bakery Group USA presents several innovative industrial baking technology highlights for energy-efficient production of high quality baked goods.

Innovative Industrial Baking Technology for the Best Baking Results

By Peggi / October 30, 2014

At the Sachsenback exhibition in Dresden, Germany, the WP BAKERYGROUP presented several innovative industrial baking technology highlights for the hygienic and energy-efficient production of high-quality baked goods. The new WP Intelligent Energy Control (IEC) was seen in operation. The latest innovation integrated into the oven control of Rototherm bake efficiency, minimizing energy waste by itself.…

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WP Bakery Group USA and swissbäkers are proud to announce that the Linie 2000A Open Kettle Fryer was installed at swissbäkers' Allston cafe!

WP Bakery Group USA Proudly Presents the First Berliner Fryer Installed in America

By Peggi / September 28, 2014

WP Bakery Group USA and swissbäkers are proud to announce that the first Berliner fryer, the WP Riehle Linie 2000A Open Kettle Fryer, installed in America was installed at swissbäkers’ Allston cafe! swissbäkers introduced Berliners to Boston eight years ago, but they did not have the technology available to keep up with their guests’ demands.…

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WP Kemper SP Spiral Mixer with Chef Lionel Vatinet at Wheatstalk 2014, Industrial Bakery Equipment & Spiral Mixers, WP Bakery Group USA

Our WP Kemper SP Spiral Mixer Shines at Wheatstalk 2014

By Peggi / September 21, 2014

It’s Day 3 at Wheatstalk and our WP Kemper SP Spiral Mixer is making French bread. Ooh la la! We are, once again, honored to have such world-renowned chefs using our industrial baking equipment at this important event. Today’s celebrity chef is none other than Lionel Vatinet, owner, of La Farm Bakery in Cary, North…

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Chefs Hubert Chiron and James MacGuire remove baguettes from our Matador Store Instore Baking Oven at Wheatstalk 2014 in Chicago.

Hubert Chiron Bakes French Bread with our Matador® Store Deck Oven at Wheatstalk

By Peggi / September 19, 2014

We are honored to know that renowned chefs Hubert Chiron and James MacGuire are using our Matador® Store Deck Oven to bake bread today at Wheatstalk 2014. Learn more about Chef Hubert Chiron from Wheatstalk: Hubert Chiron Bakery Director, INRA Hubert Chiron is a fourth generation baker from southern Bretagne, France. He has a master…

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WP Bakery Group USA, proud Event Contributor for Wheatstalk 2014

WP Bakery Group USA Heads to Wheatstalk Today

By Peggi / September 19, 2014

We’re off to Chicagoland to attend Wheatstalk 2014 today and we couldn’t be happier. We’re proud Event Contributors, providing Wheatstalk 2014 with not one, but two, Matador® Store ovens, our electric stone hearth deck ovens for in-store baking. Our Matador® Store Deck Ovens are networkable… meaning that you can control them from a remote location.…

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WP Haton - Sons of Harry Tonnaer laying first stone - WP Bakery Group USA, Industrial Bakery Equipment, Sheltion, CT

With our Industrial Bakery Equipment, We’re Bread Baking Experts by Tradition

By Peggi / August 7, 2014

The success story of WP Haton started 65 years ago when Harry Tonnaer founded a trading company for industrial bakery equipment in the Netherlands in 1949. Today, the international company is known as being the expert for bread plants worldwide. Baguetta©, Classica©, Crustica©, Easy Toast©, Instant©, Ryena© and Sweety© – these are impressive examples of…

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New Website for WP Bakery Group USA, Retail, Wholesale and Industrial Bakery Equipment, Shelton, CT

WP Bakery Group USA Launches New Website

By Peggi / June 19, 2014

WP Bakery Group USA is pleased to announce that our new website is live and looking pretty spiffy, if we do say so ourselves. We’ve updated all of our product information and we’ve organized our equipment according to our six product lines. If you recall, our old website was organized by audience… for artisanal, commercial…

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Matador Deck Oven, Energy Saving Industrial Baking Equipment, WP Bakery Group USA, Shelton, CT

WP Bakery Group Leads the Way with Energy Saving Industrial Baking Equipment

By Peggi / June 13, 2014

In the latest issue of European Baker, the authors discuss advances in oven technology, specifically addressing improvements in energy saving industrial baking equipment. So… when looking for quotes from the leading innovators in industrial baking technology, to whom do they turn? They come to us. And so we quote from European Baker, Making Better Best…

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Happy National Donut Day from WP Bakery Group USA, Retail, Wholesale and Industrial Bakery Equipment, Shelton, CT

Learn About Our Industrial Donut Equipment on National Donut Day

By Peggi / June 6, 2014

What better day to tell you about our industrial donut equipment than on National Donut Day. National Donut Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday in June. But here at WP Bakery Group USA, every day is donut day. We’re one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of intelligent solutions for dough production. Our…

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Equipment Close-Up: WP Kemper Quadro RelaxS

By Peggi / April 30, 2014

The WP Kemper Quadro RelaxS is a rustic roll system ideal for small and medium-sized bakeries. Capable of processing doughs with up to an 80% absorption rate, the Quadro RelaxS provides high flexibility and can produce up to 12,000 rustic rolls an hour with a six-row capacity. The all-new Kemper INUS control makes the Quadro…

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