WP and IBIE and our Rototherm® Green

Our WP Rototherm® Green was at the center of attention on Opening Day of IBIE 2016. Plenty of buzz and plenty of interest, particularly once the attendees understood what sets our rack oven apart from the others.

WP’s Bruce Gingrich gave a presentation to a crowd of attendees at the IBIE 2016 Innovative Showcase. Attendees learned that they can reduce baking time by 10%, shorten the recovery time and increase production… saving money in the process. Our Rototherm® Green has state-of-the-art engines with smaller cubic capacity thanks to new technologies that deliver top performance – and consume even less fuel.

A smaller burner with reduced connected load and combined with an innovative heat exchanger serves as the “motor” of the rack oven. Optimized technology that uses less fuel and yet achieves excellent baking results at the same time. This works for a very simple reason: the efficient heat exchanger now exploits energy that previously escaped unused through the chimney to the maximum. Get crisp, tender, flaky crusts thanks to our optimum application of energy while saving energy… our Rototherm Green uses 25% less energy consumption* giving you the lowest energy cost per piece.

Did we mention optimum heat flow? The direction is right with the ROTOTHERM® Green! The air is accurately directed onto the product over the entire jet wall. The result at every point of the baking trolley is constant baking quality. Moreover, the optimized air flow applies more energy on the dough pieces, shortens the baking time and makes your baking items particularly juicy.

For you, this means:

  • Consistency and reproducible quality.
  • Optimum distribution of heat and steam.
  • Juicier baking items.
  • More output per hour.

Get the best quality baking results with high energy efficiency. Even our competitors were in attendance as Bruce Gingrich extolled the virtues of our Rototherm® Green at the IBIE Innovation Showcase. Now that’s an oven!

Bread for everyone!

It was a busy day in our booth… booth #7733 for those of you reading this from Las Vegas. Our two bakers, Thomas and Michael, were busy all day filling our booth with ciabatta and baguettes made on our WP KEMPER PANE. Loaves of baguettes and mini ciabattas were given away to attendees.

* Compared to our 2012 model.

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