Baking & Snack: Patterned buns, rolls differentiate bakers’ offerings

As bakers look to differentiate their product offerings for buns and rolls, patterns on the top of the bun can elevate the product in the eyes of consumers or foodservice operators. Stamping or cutting a pattern typically occurs during the makeup process after the intermediate proofer.

“There are two types of stamping: registered and random pattern,” said Joakim Nordell, export sales manager, Stewart Systems, a Middleby Bakery company. “A Kaiser roll is a typical example of a registered stamping process. Random stampers or rollers will give the top of the bun a tractor wheel pattern.”

For the pattern to be distinct, it’s important for the product to have enough resting time before it is stamped.

“In this way, the dough piece is relaxed and will not shrink, deforming the stamped pattern,” said Ken Weekes, international sales manager, WP Bakery Group USA.

The company offers a variety of standard stamps that can be incorporated into the line but also can manufacture custom patterns.

After stamping, Richard Breeswine, president and chief executive officer, Koenig Bakery Systems, suggested turning the buns upside down to ensure a great shape after proofing and baking.

To preserve the dough structures of higher quality buns and rolls, AMF Bakery Systems uses a rolling die rather than a stamp to imprint patterns.

“Instead of a stamping motion, which compacts the gluten strands, we roll through the dough, allowing the dough to flow around the mandrel,” said Daniel Habel, product team leader, specialty dough makeup solutions, AMF Bakery Systems. “This allows for a higher quality of product to be run, and since the product doesn’t have to stop for the stamp motion, we maintain continuous speed.”

The latest technology from Fritsch USA, a Multivac company, is the company’s Product Decoration Unit (PDU). Based on the Croissant Bending System’s robot technology and using a camera system, the PDU cuts or presses patterns into the surface of round- and long-moulded products.

“Be it Kaiser rolls, rye breakfast rolls or products with individual decorations like anniversary or football themes, there are no limits to creativity here,” said Matt Zielsdorf, director of sales, Fritsch USA.

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Reprinted with permission from Baking & Snack

October 24, 2022 | By Charlotee Atchley

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