Celebrate Earth Day! Our WP L Rototherm Green reduces baking time by 10%.

It’s the greenest of our green products. What better oven to celebrate Earth Day with than our WP L Rototherm Green? Among other features, it reduces baking time by 10%. But that’s not all. It shortens the recovery time and increases production… saving you money in the process. And saving Mother Earth as well. Energy consumption as well as maintenance and repair are the most common cost factors for baking ovens. We did everything we could possibly do to minimize these cost factors with this greenest-of-green ovens. State-of-the-art engines with smaller cubic capacity thanks to new technologies deliver top performance—and consume even less fuel. You’ll earn bigger profits—day after day—because our technology is not just energy-efficient. It’s reliable and flexible as well.

A smaller burner with reduced connected load and combined with an innovative heat exchanger serves as the “motor” of the rack oven. Optimized technology that uses less fuel and yet achieves excellent baking results at the same time. This works for a very simple reason: the efficient heat exchanger now exploits energy that previously escaped unused through the chimney to the maximum.

More flexible operation with technology that fits the way you work

Speaking of flexibility, one significant benefit of this energy-efficient rack oven is the quick product change within your product range—this can be carried out while keeping the heat losses to a minimum during both loading and unloading. WP THERMOGATE ensures a quick change over of rack trolleys with minimal heat losses. You’ll benefit from reduced costs that go along with an increased throughput and/or shorter baking times because the heat stays inside the oven during the change over. Ingenious, or what?

Our Rototherm Green Rack Oven is so green that it was honored by TÜV Süd, a German technical service provider, with the popular “energy-efficient technology” seal in 2009. Learn more about our Rototherm Green Rack Oven here…and call us today at 203-929-6530. We’ll be happy to expound on how our Rototherm Green will save you green. You can also use the form below to get in touch. Mother Earth will thank you.

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