WP Bakery Group Leads the Way with Energy Saving Industrial Baking Equipment

In the latest issue of European Baker, the authors discuss advances in oven technology, specifically addressing improvements in energy saving industrial baking equipment. So… when looking for quotes from the leading innovators in industrial baking technology, to whom do they turn? They come to us. And so we quote from European Baker, Making Better Best (March/April 2014):

“Among the leaders in energy saving concepts is German giant, the WP Bakery Group with its GreenEnergy label concept, for example. WP says, quite correctly, that bakeries belong to the most energy intensive business in the artisan field. The operation of its ovens… account for 5 [percent] and more for most industrial bakers. As ovens have the highest amount of energy consumption, WP has developed systems which save and use energy more efficiently.”

European Baker goes on to discuss our Rototherm Ee which we aptly call the “magical energy saver.” The Rototherm is our rotating rack oven with an energy saving baking chamber. It features a continuous door seal with ramp, crating a vapor-tight oven. The steam remains in the oven and is uniformly distributed. It utilizes two temperature sensors to ensure your baking temperature is consistently maintained. To minimize energy loss between baking processes, the Rototherm includes our WP Intelligent Energy Control with a standby function with controlled temperature reduction and an automatic start function. Our WP Oven-Control offers remote diagnosis via the internet. With the Rototherm Ee, we’ve managed to surpass our own standards. The Rototherm consumes 25 percent less energy than its predecessor.

Next they discuss our Matador deck oven with its unique ZYKLOTHERM® heating system for perfect heat transfer. While others call it “forced circulation,” we call it ZYKLOTHERM® and we’ve been using the ZYKLOTHERM® heating system in our Matador ovens for almost 70 years. (We’ve made history, selling over 60,000 Matador deck ovens worldwide.) The Matador has highly effective high tech insulation (30 cm thick) and uses 30 percent less energy than other comparable ovens. This thick insulation boasts approximately 11% surface loss. It’s programmable, fully automatic and has easily accessible stone baking hearths. This multi deck baking oven guarantees extremely even and consistently identical baking results. With our easy-to-use Navigo® system, you program every step of the baking process and we diagnose over the Internet… energy saving industrial baking equipment that’s also intelligent.

Cross section of zyklotherm heating system

The cross-section of the oven clearly shows how the hot gas is fed through the channels by the shortest possible route. It enters at the front in the most sensitive oven area. Real evenness is guaranteed by the ZYKLOTHERM® heating system. The result is a crisp crust, even browning, and full flavor development every time.

  • Use of waste gas/steam = approx. 10–15% of oven power is recycled
  • Optimized hot gas distribution in the front area of the oven = approx. 10% lower burner run-times
  • Optimized steaming process due to optimized cycle times and flexible temperature adjustment = approx. 10% less waste from steaming process
  • Automatic smoke gas partition when oven is switched off = approx. 40% lower heating-up time

The next topics in European Baker’s discussion are our Matador Store and Superior Tower… both are perfect for in-store theatre baking, particularly in light of our new software integrated into the oven controls. Our in-store baking ovens turn themselves off when empty. The Matador Store is our electric hearth deck oven. Our Torero Store is our convection in-store deck oven and our Superior Tower combines the best of both worlds… with both stone hearth and convection capabilities for maximum flexibility. Our in-store baking deck ovens utilize WP Intelligent Energy Control with a standby function with controlled temperature reduction and an automatic start function.

“Ovens which are marked with our GreenEnergy label save money for the baker. Energy which has been produced once should not just vanish but be used for further technology.”
Ulrich Hirsch, WP Bakery Group USA, Ovens, Loading and Roll Lines Sales Specialist

Learn more about our energy saving industrial baking equipment by downloading our brochures below.

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Download the European Baker article below.

  European Baker, Making Better Best (2.3 MiB, 159 hits)

At WP Bakery Group USA, we work with our clients to develop concepts that meet the requirements of the markets and show the way for the future of the baking industry. Call us today at 203-929-6530 to discuss how WP Bakery Group USA can provide you with energy saving industrial baking equipment that delivers consistently good and reproducible baking results.

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