WP Bakery Group USA Launches New Website

WP Bakery Group USA is pleased to announce that our new website is live and looking pretty spiffy, if we do say so ourselves. We’ve updated all of our product information and we’ve organized our equipment according to our six product lines. If you recall, our old website was organized by audience… for artisanal, commercial and industrial audiences. Our new website has pages for our WP Kemper line, WP L line, WP Haton line, WP Winkler line, WP Riehle line, and last but most certainly not least, our WPIB Industrial Baking Equipment line. Click on the link for each of our product lines and you’ll be brought to a page that breaks down our equipment by type. Looking for an industrial bread divider? Click on WP Haton. When that page loads, click on Bread Dividers. The page that loads lists all of our Haton bread dividers along with specs on each divider… plus the type of dough each machine is best suited for and each machine’s capacity. Click on each of the images to enlarge them. If you’re not sure where to find our products, use our search box. Type in “mixers” (without the quotes) and a link to our line of WP Kemper mixers will appear.

Just as we bring you state of the art industrial baking equipment, our website is quite current as well. It was built using the best practices of current web design and development. Our new website is responsive. It’s compatible with mobile devices… tablets, cell phones, smart phones, etc. What does this mean for you? It means that you can find our product information easily via your cell phone or your iPad while your standing next to your equipment. If you want to look up some specs, use your cell phone and the information is right there at your fingertips.

Would you like to bookmark our new website on your iPhone or iPad? Go to www.wpbakerygroupusa.com on your iPhone or iPad. (Be certain that you are on our home page so that you’ll bookmark our entire website.) If you’re using an iPhone, look at the lower portion of your screen for a small box with an arrow. (If you’re using an iPad with iOS 7, the arrow is located in the upper right, not the lower center.) Touch the box with the arrow. A screen will pop up. Look for “Add to Home Screen.” Touch it. You’ll see an icon with our logo appear. If you’d like, you can rename the bookmark by clicking on the text and editing it. Then touch “Add.” Voila! You’ve just added our website to your apps on your iPhone or iPad. Now you can find our website easily by scrolling through your apps on your iPhone or iPad.

We hope you’ll find our new website useful.

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