Our WP L Matador Store Instore Baking Oven, now with the WP Navigo 3 Control System

The new WP Navigo 3 Control System on our Matador Store Instore Baking Oven is ergonomic and has with video capability

At iba 2018, we introduced our new WP NAVIGO 3 control system in our Matador Store Instore Baking Oven. This makes instore baking easier than ever before, even for semi-skilled personnel. The new positioning of the display is particularly ergonomic but what’s best? It has video capability.

Our Matador Store Instore Baking Oven is time-saving

Forget about operating instructions on paper. WP NAVIGO 3 uses easy-to-understand films to explain how to clean the oven on a daily basis or carry out minor maintenance tasks. You can also store your own videos for product preparation. Sales personnel no longer needs to come to the headquarters to learn how to handle new products. Save time by training on video with your Matador Store Instore Baking Oven in every store. Each oven has a separate display for easy operation, optimum overview, and flexibility.

Matador Store Instore Baking Oven controls are ergonomic

Load, close the oven door, start the program: The single oven control of the WP MATADOR STORE is particularly ergonomic because every movement when baking a new tray is carried out at the same height. This saves a lot of time overall and avoids operating errors.

Our Matador Store Instore Baking Oven is practical

Efficient baking at the point of sale, in consistently high quality. This is easily achieved with the EASY MOD function specially developed for instore baking. It features many useful functions, such as the display of the time counting backwards. The sales personnel can see at a glance when the next tray of freshly baked goods is ready.

Plus WP CleanTec:

  • Touch display with glass surface for easy cleaning
  • Touch display with glass surface for easy cleaning
  • Smooth surface
  • Simple cleaning of double glass panes of proofing cabinet
  • Oven glass panes can be removed without tools for cleaning
  • All components of proofing cabinet removable for easy cleaning
  • Hygienic plastic insert with an absolutely smooth surface for optimum cleaning.

WP GreenEnergy:

  • Energy savings due to special coating of glass panes.
  • The improved insulation of individual ovens significantly reduces energy consumption.

WP BakingQuality:

  • MATADOR baking result guaranteed
  • Rich vapor Stone-baked bread

So…train your employees via video on your oven. Smart thinking! Give us a shout at 203-929-6530 or use the form below. We want nothing more than to make your job easier.

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