Imagine a spiral mixer that might just be smarter than you!

Our Kronos Digital Spiral Mixer, the intelligent mixer

The characteristics of our KRONOS Digital Spiral Mixer are so very impressive! It’s no surprise that there are already bakeries that pre-ordered this innovative mixer only two months after iba 2018. A company from Luxembourg bought two KRONOS Digital Spiral Mixers with extra tubs included, while three KRONOS Digital Spiral Mixers with extra tubs and a tipping lifter will be delivered to a customer in Germany.

Our KRONOS Digital Spiral Mixer attracted great interest among the specialist audience at iba 2018 in Munich. The mixer is, in fact, a pioneering development that exemplifies how smart machines can be. The KRONOS Digital Spiral Mixer has expert knowledge, almost like a baker. It stops the mixing process automatically at the optimum point in time for perfect dough. This guarantees dough of consistent quality and makes bakeries independent from the raw material properties or the operator’s level of training. The KRONOS Digital Spiral Mixer achieves reproducible dough quality time after time by taking defined influencing variables into account prior to starting the process, controlling the process autonomously and therefore independent of personnel, and adapting the process to fluctuating parameters.

That’s one smart mixer

Our Kronos Digital Spiral Mixer, the intelligent mixer, shuts itself off when the dough is at its optimum, every time. This allows semi-skilled workers to operate the mixer while still maintaining your level of quality. Saves you money to boot! Give us a call at 203-929-6530 or use the form below. We’re dying to tell you how our digital spiral mixer can help your bottom line.

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