WP Winkler is our manufacturing and competence center for high speed roll, bagel, custom lines and solutions and our core engineering center for bringing our European-based factory machines into the North American market “American Ready.” WP Winkler is based in our North American headquarters in Shelton, CT with our manufacturing facility located in Pittsfield, MA.


WP Winkler Admiral

THE Admiral. The most robust INDUSTRIAL divider in the world that can handle numerous types of dough and a wide range of weight ranges and absorption rates.

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WP Winkler Bagel Dividers

Winkler Bagel Divider – The most accurate, high speed divider available in the market with speeds up to 100 strokes per minute and weight accuracy at ± 1%.

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WP Winkler Custom Solutions

Custom, variety roll lines, pizza lines, pita lines, bagel lines and seeders.

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