Blue Value

Available with all WP Bakery Group USA equipment, the Blue Value support package ensures customers have continuous, reliable machinery at their disposal. The Blue Value support package increases efficiency of WP Bakery Group USA machines, lengthens their lifecycles and reduces production costs. In addition, the Blue Value support package allows bakers to undertake preventative maintenance and reduces shut down times.

The Blue Value support package provides comprehensive service and support for all WP Haton equipment. The concept can be broken down into various packages, all of which supplement and enhance each other.

WP Bakery Group USA Blue Value


Blue Box: The Blue Box is a practical plastic case filled with machine parts which combat wear-and-tear. The contents of this case varies per machine and is entirely customized to the customer's needs.

Blue Control: Using ICT connections WP Bakery Group USA can examine and assess machines included in its Blue Value network. Faults can be evaluated remotely, which often results in quick solutions without a service call required.

Blue Cam: Machine evaluation can also occur visually within the Blue Value concept via a webcam. An expert can assess a machine's condition remotely and can find solutions to the fault as well as provide servicing and programming tips.

Customized Maintenance Contracts: WP Bakery Group USA has introduced a five stage maintenance package, which allows clients to choose the service level which matches their unique needs.

Help Desk: A telephone help desk is available to all WP Bakery Group USA clients. This help desk is manned 24-7 to provide technical support.

You can learn more about the Blue Value Program on WP Haton's website.

Our WP Bakery Group USA Blue Box contains all the spare parts that you want to have handy when you need them, kind of like an insurance policy. We've analyzed which parts are critical for each machine that we sell and we make them available to you as a package in a convenient wheeled "suitcase." No delivery time means practically no machine downtime. Having a WP Blue Box provides you with peace of mind. If you need a part, it's right there at your fingertips. Use the part in the Blue Box and replace the part as soon as possible to keep your Blue Box always at the ready. You'll have very little downtime because WP Bakery Group USA planned ahead…just for you. At WP Bakery Group USA, we create raving fans and we hope to make raving fans out of you.