In Our Customer’s Own Words, Our WP Matador Store Deck Oven Makes a Better End Product

While traveling to Vermont, one of our associates stopped in to a little bakery in Bennington, Bakkerij Krijnen. Owner, Hans Krijnen, stopped baking long enough for a quick chat about how our WP Matador Store Deck Oven has improved not just his business, but also, his quality of life.

Hans once used a small one-deck oven. But he – rather smartly – purchased our Matador Store Deck Oven and he is now able to sleep later – by about 25% longer!

Direct quote from Hans regarding our Matador Store Deck Oven:

This oven is a higher level of baking… it does not make you a better baker, but makes a better baked end product. Nice oven spring.

Another direct quote from Hans regarding our Matador Store Deck Oven:

It has changed my life.

And it has changed his life… so much so that he made a time-lapsed video and posted it on Facebook to show his scrumptious Dutch baked goods baking to perfection. Click here to view the time lapse video.

And – better yet – read what Hans’ customers have to say about his baked goods on Yelp.

Thank you, Hans, for sharing your success with us. Your success is our success.

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