Evolution Donut Line Produces Donuts With Less Fat and Less Waste

Donuts with Less Fat, Produced with Less Dough?

An industry breakthrough! This is now possible with the EVOLUTION roll line with the integrated donut module from WP Kemper. Unlike current production processes, where the dough pieces have inner and outer cutting edges, the WP Kemper donut module cuts the dough pieces only on the inner side. Just one cutting edge produces a better skin on the product and with that a reduced fat absorption, because the skin of the dough piece isolates the dough and slows down the absorption of fat.

With this new, economical way of production it is possible for manufacturers to have only 5% in dough waste, resulting in significant raw material savings for the baker. Current comparable donut production methods have around 35% waste.

Currently, an EVOLUTION roll line with the new donut module is in production for a bakery in Belgium. The challenge for WP Kemper was the sheer size of the line; consisting of head machine, three proofing cabinets, various modules and a set down unit, the line measures 78 feet in length and is 19 feet tall.

With this latest innovation, dough mixing and roll line expert WP Kemper once again reinforces its competence in the industrial baking industry.

About WP Kemper Bakery Systems: Kemper Bakery Systems was founded in 1990 by Patricia Kennedy to serve as the North American subsidiary of bakery equipment manufacturer, Kemper of Germany (a Horstmann Group Company). In 1997, the Hortsmann Group acquired Werner & Pfleiderer, a group consisting of three facilities. WP Haton in Holland, produces a full range of bread make-up equipment; WP Lebensmitteltechnik in Dinkelsbuhl, Germany, produces a full range of ovens and roll equipment; and WP Industrial in Stuttgart, Germany where all industrial projects are managed. With all factories now in one group, the umbrella group name was chosen to be WP BAKERY GROUP. In 2009, Kemper Bakery Systems incorporated the WP brand into its name and today is known as WP Kemper Bakery Systems, a 100% owned subsidiary of the WP Bakery Group.

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