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RoundtableWe recently hosted our colleague from WP Bakery Service in Germany, Jörg Stümpflen. Jörg, who is the Head of Customer Care at WP Bakery Service, visited our offices for a week and met with Director of Customer Services, Evelyn Patnaude, and our Director of Product Support and Engineering, Karam Ramnunan.


Jorg Evelyn KaramThe purpose of Jörg’s trip was to improve the communication between WP Kemper Bakery Systems, our parent company, and our factories where the machines are manufactured. Since WP Kemper Bakery Systems isn’t a dealer–we’re a wholly owned subsidiary of WP Bakery Group–we’re all working towards the same goals. We want the same result–to improve our customer satisfaction.


Jörg also spent some time explaining the procedures of the factory to Evelyn. “It helped me to understand how their process fits into our process,” Evelyn said.


table2-300x179According to Jörg , proactive service is the key. WP has preventative maintenance plans and offers spare parts kits to customers in Germany. A large part of the discussion was spent on how to implement this plan successfully in the North American market.  “We can make a plan to go into the bakeries and have preventative maintenance done,” Jörg said, “not only emergency service.”

Switching to a preventative maintenance and spare parts plan would save customers time and money, Karam said. “If a customer’s machine is down today, he needs it up and running today.”

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