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Our WP Kemper SP Spiral Mixer Shines at Wheatstalk 2014

WP Kemper SP Spiral Mixer with Chef Lionel Vatinet at Wheatstalk 2014, Industrial Bakery Equipment & Spiral Mixers, WP Bakery Group USA

It’s Day 3 at Wheatstalk and our WP Kemper SP Spiral Mixer is making French bread. Ooh la la! We are, once again, honored to have such world-renowned chefs using our industrial baking equipment at this important event. Today’s celebrity chef is none other than Lionel Vatinet, owner, of La Farm Bakery in Cary, North…

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Equipment Close-Up: WP Kemper Quadro RelaxS

The WP Kemper Quadro RelaxS is a rustic roll system ideal for small and medium-sized bakeries. Capable of processing doughs with up to an 80% absorption rate, the Quadro RelaxS provides high flexibility and can produce up to 12,000 rustic rolls an hour with a six-row capacity. The all-new Kemper INUS control makes the Quadro…

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A Visit From Germany

We recently hosted our colleague from WP Bakery Service in Germany, Jörg Stümpflen. Jörg, who is the Head of Customer Care at WP Bakery Service, visited our offices for a week and met with Director of Customer Services, Evelyn Patnaude, and our Director of Product Support and Engineering, Karam Ramnunan.   The purpose of Jörg’s…

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