WP Bakery Group USA Introduces new ITES High Speed Oven at NRA Show 2015

So… here we are at the NRA Show 2015. We’ve brought along with us our award winning MATADOR STORE ELECTRIC STONE HEARTH OVEN from WP L… our RMBB CAUSTED SODA APPLICATOR from WP RIEHLE, and our DLA SC CONTINUOUS OPEN KETTLE FRYER from WP RIEHLE. But we’ve got a new and positively amazing oven, also from WP RIEHLE… introducing our new ITES high speed oven.

WP Riehle's ITES is the latest innovation in on-demand cooking for the food service industry.

WP Riehle’s ITES is the latest innovation in on-demand cooking for the food service industry.

The ITES is the latest innovation in on-demand cooking for the food service industry. What makes it so? It uses specialized infrared (patent pending) technology to quickly defrost frozen baked goods, then quickly bake, toast, crisp and/or brown the food – producing fresh-baked quality pretzels, pastries, dinner rolls, pizza, and more – in about 10% to 25% of the time it would take using conventional cooking methods. This infrared technology penetrates deep into the product for rapid thawing and rapid baking while retaining the product’s moisture. The result is bakery quality products from frozen to fabulous in a flash!

This oven revolutionizes the way the food service industry prepares frozen food. The benefits are many:

  • It’s fully automatic. Place frozen food product on the belt and press the start button. Then walk away. You can start selling freshly thawed and cooked products in just a few short minutes.
  • It saves on labor. There’s no need to monitor your product. Your staff can place frozen products on the belt, start the cooking cycle with a push of the start button on the touch screen control, and then get busy elsewhere while this amazing high speed oven defrosts and then cooks your baked goods. The belt automatically pushes the product off the belt when its so-very-fast cooking cycle is complete.
  • It has a small footprint. And it comes in three sizes. Choose your ITES based on your space and your individual needs.
  • It saves energy… of course. Energy savings is something that you’ve come to expect from WP Bakery Group USA and the ITES is no exception. The largest ITEs uses under 20 amps. And because the ITES defrosts, then cooks… you won’t need to use your microwave… saving you even more in the process!
  • It saves you money. Because the ITES defrosts and then cooks, there’s no need to thaw product ahead of time. This eliminates the problem of not thawing enough and running out of usable product. It also eliminates thawing too much product and having waste.
  • It provides your establishment with better customer service. The ITES produces ready-to-eat food quickly during busy times and it allows for custom, while-you-wait food service during off hours… only without the wait!

It’s perfect for CONVENIENCE STORES, KIOSKS, STADIUMS, AIRPORTS, SCHOOLS, RESTAURANTS, COFFEE SHOPS, CASINOS, SUPERMARKETS, and INSTITUTIONAL FOOD SERVICE. The sky’s the limit when it comes to placement of this innovative oven.

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