Jaws Drop at IBIE 2016 When Learning About Our WP Rototherm Green

So there we are busily working in our booth (booth #7733, in case you didn’t know) extolling the numerous, numerous features and benefits of our WP Rototherm Green Rack Oven… and what happens as we discuss its greatness? Jaws drop. No kidding. Our customers’ jaws are dropping as they learn of our Rototherm’s amazing capabilities and they realize the impact that this new oven will have on their productivity. It’s as if we can actually see the light bulbs over their heads. They’re having what’s known as an “aha! moment” as they discover what a game-changer the Rototherm Green is.

One customer from California who had already purchased four Rototherm Green ovens came to our booth to purchase two more. The results are in from our customers… they love it, love it, love it.

So… what do they love?

The “even baking” exceeded their expectations.

 They have experienced increased speed in production.

 They’ve experienced a 20% increase in capacity.

You’ve gotta know that there has been a radical improvement in the bread baked in our Rototherm Green when even the delivery drivers have been making comments. For example, “the bread is so much better, what are you doing differently?”

Our customers’ customers are very happy. And that makes us very happy.

Are you on a budget? No worries!

Even the budget-minded customer is captivated by the Rototherm:

Budget-Minded Customer: “Can I use my own racks?”

Us: “Yes, you sure can!”

And guess what? With all this fabulousness? Our ROTOTHERM Green oven, at 68″ wide, is slimmer than many existing rack ovens. That allows you to add more ovens, meaning more capacity and more efficiency. Less really is more!

FACT: There are thousands of rack ovens in bakeries that are outdated, not efficient, and need replacing.

SOLUTION: Our Rototherm Green is the best choice for reduced energy savings, increased capacity, even baking, shorter baking time, batch-on-batch baking, reduced heat loss, easy clean-up, no overheating.

Download our PDF below and learn more.

  Rototherm Green Rack Oven Brochure (8.5 MiB, 7 hits)

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