It’s a family affair at Pizza Expo 2018

Who’s that at Pizza Expo 2018? No. You’re not seeing double. It’s Patricia Kennedy and her daughter, Samantha Harvey! Mother and daughter team up to tell you all about the best products for the best pizza.

Calling all single store artisan pizza operators, multi store artisan pizza operators, commissary dough producers, and manufacturers/suppliers… big or small, our award-winning equipment makes the best pizza. Visit Booth #3024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center to learn what WP Bakery Group USA can do for your pizza business. While there, you’ll see demos of our SP Spiral Mixer… the small but powerful mobile mixer that mixes stiff pizza dough beautifully; the Multimatic S Dough Divider… the extra robust dough divider and round moulder.… accurate in weight terms and gentle on the dough; the Ites Infrared High Speed Oven (on display in the Tasty Breads booth, BOOTH #3122)… the best little oven for convenience stores, snack shops, hotels, restaurants, satellite bakery shops, and kiosks. Great for pizza! And last but most certainly not least, our Matador Store Stone Hearth Pizza Oven… it makes the best pizza either side of the Rockies! It can be seen at Tony Gemignani’s Workshops, the Demo Stage and at the International Pizza Challenge. 

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. You can learn about all of these amazing pieces of pizza-making equipment in Vegas but they’ll still be available long after Pizza Expo 2018 comes to a close. Visit Patricia and Sam in Vegas… or click here to learn more about WP Pizza. Either way, you’re only a few steps away from making the absolute best pizza.

You’re going to love WP Pizza!

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It's a family affair at Pizza Expo 2018... mother and daughter Patricia Kennedy and Samantha Harvey team up to talk up WP Pizza.

It’s a family affair at Pizza Expo 2018… mother and daughter Patricia Kennedy and Samantha Harvey team up to talk up WP Pizza.



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