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Retail and Wholesale Dough Mixers

SP – that means the agility of a small retail spiral mixer combined with the power of a quality mixer. Direct bowl drive and a strong optional reinforced gear motor are made for confident mixing power. The SP Spiral Mixer series is available in six sizes for processing from 25 to a maximum of 200 kg of wheat, mixed wheat, and mixed rye dough. A direct tub drive and a powerful motor combine the agility of a small mobile mixer with the performance of a large one. The direct tub drive is low-maintenance and low-wear. All spiral mixers from WP Kemper are equipped with the renowned Kemper 3 Zone Mixing Process (Spiral and Guide Bar), which is distinguished through the exceptionally light and easy-to-process doughs, as well as a high water absorption and excellent blending effect. The ingredients are mixed quickly and completely and a lot of oxygen is worked into the dough – this guarantees a reproducible and very good mixing result. Perfect for artisan dough preparation, our SP dough mixers are a great solution for both retail bakers and wholesale bakers.


  • Various mixing tools like the Bread-Mixing-Tool for optimal rye doughs
  • Temperature display and temperature sensor
  • Bowl drain screw



  • Wheat dough
  • Mixed-wheat dough
  • Mixed rye dough
  • Rye dough


  • Flour 15 – 120 kg (33 – 275 lb)
  • Dough 25 – 200 kg (55 – 440 lb)

Added Value

  • Flexible use by means of various mixing tools
  • Bowl and mixing tool made from stainless steel
  • Better dough quality through 3-Zone-Mixing Principle
    – Small batch sizes producible
    – Higher oxygen supply
    – Homogeneous dough
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Optimal mixing of the ingredients by bowl turning switch (standard)

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