Inside the Install: Crazy Dough’s Pizza, Newport, RI

WP Kemper Bakery Systems recently finished an install of a Matador Store oven in the newest Crazy Dough’s Pizza location. Crazy Dough’s Pizza is a Boston-area pizza chain that is expanding into Newport, Rhode Island.

Crazy Dough’s Pizza is well-known in the Boston area, and their pizza is award winning. In fact, their pizza was named “America’s #1 Pizza” twice at the International Pizza Expo, and earlier this year, this pizzeria came in second place at the International Pizza Challenge.

This Matador Store is the first WP oven for Crazy Dough’s Pizza. In fact, this Matador Store is unique in that it has manual controls instead of the Navigo Control that comes standard on our ovens.

Doug and the Matador Store Oven

We wish Doug, Melissa, and the rest of their team the best of luck with their new store. Be sure to visit their website at

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