WP Winkler WBD 100 Bagel Divider, WP Bakery Group USA, Retail, Wholesale and Industrial Bakery Equipment and Food Service Industry Equipment, Shelton, CT USA

The most accurate, high-speed bagel divider available in the market. With speeds up to 100 strokes per minute and weight accuracy at ± 1%. Built robust, just like our Winkler Admiral, with the ability to operate 24/7 in the most demanding production facilities with reliability. Bakery Engineering Winkler of the WP Bakery Group has wholly re-engineered the WBD 100 with:

  • a robust high-pressure hydraulic system
  • solid cassette frames which accept durable engineering-grade plastic inserts for prolonged life
  • servo-controlled weight adjustment
  • a digital hydraulic pressure gauge
  • a centralized greasing block system
  • and a precision tolerance head with stainless steel cassette seats and stabilized head segments to prevent flexing and minimize waste


  • Volumetric divider
  • 4 and 5 pocket (6 pocket – mini)
  • Max scaling weight 125 grams
  • Target scaling rate 30,000 pieces per hour maximum with 5 pocket
  • Target scaling accuracy ± 1%



  • Bagels


  • Target scaling rate 30,000 pieces per hour maximum with 5 pocket


Added Value

  • Base frame construction from structural stainless steel tubing
  • Upper frame aluminum side plates
  • All covers stainless steel
  • Infeed conveyor frame constructed from stainless steel
  • Infeed conveyor drive motor SEW hollow bore gear motor
  • Main drive motor 5hp SEW controlled by VFD
  • Stainless steel bed
  • 6 Quick release cassettes with scaling pistons
  • Head brush
  • Allen Bradley HMI
  • Allen Bradley PLC

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