“The only deck oven I’ve ever worked with that has such even bake: back, front, center”

Wow! That’s quite a compliment about our Matador Deck Oven. And we’ll take it, thank you very much! But wait! There’s more. The exact quote was “Some good bread coming out of that oven. The only deck oven I’ve ever worked with that has such even bake: back, front, center.” What a nice thing to say. Even if it’s true, it’s still always nice to hear such things about our Matador oven.

So… what makes the bake so even? It’s a number of things that all come together to provide you, the baker, with “ideal conditions.” What good are the most delicious recipes and the best ingredients if they can’t be baked with the same quality day after day? That’s the magic behind our Matador. We provide you with ideal conditions… identical conditions… every day. Extremely uniform baking results are repeatable at any time and over a period of many decades.

  • Perfectly accessible baking area – from 8 to 43 m2
  • Unique ZYKLOTHERM® heating system for perfect heat transfer
  • Outstanding, exemplary temperature flexibility
  • Excellent vapor guide with rich steam
  • High-quality special baking stones as standard
  • Highly effective 30 cm strong high-tech insulation
  • Ergonomic control via extra large display
  • Direct and also time-delayed integration of semi and fully automatic loading systems
Consistent baking results, front, back, center, with our Matador Deck Oven | WP Bakery Group USA, Industrial and Commercail Bakery Equipment and Food Service

Consistent baking results, front, back, center, with our Matador Deck Oven


Batch-on-batch baking? It goes without saying with our MATADOR®. Its innovative vapor piping system with vapor distribution system, positive-pressure system and relief flaps on both sides ensures rich steam and even distribution. In concrete terms: a relative humidity of 75% is achieved in less than one minute. Ideal for excellent shine, juicy crump, and crunchy crust.

  • Top temperature consistency thanks to WP ENERGY BLOCK
  • Reduction of surface losses

This is where the fundamental key to economic baking lies. The highly effective three-sided insulation makes a significant contribution to it. Its 30 cm strong high-tech thermal layer ensures reduced surface loss by almost 11%.

So we thank you, dear customer, from the bottom of our WP hearts for telling us how you feel about our Matador and its consistently fabulous baking results and its fabulously consistent baking results. We know it to be true but we never tire of hearing such compliments.

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