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The Industrial Base Discharge Spiral Mixer

The Power Mixer is a professional. Through strong motors and fully automatic dough discharge, the industrial mixer produces a high number of batches of dough.


  • Multi-Phase-Control
  • Revolution counter
  • CO2 cooling
  • Connection to central switch box
  • Energy measuring system
  • Batch protocol management
  • Monitoring System
  • Power Mixer Industry Solutions – Power Roll System
  • Power Mixer Industry Solutions – Power Square System



  • Wheat dough
  • Mixed-wheat dough


  • Flour 75 – 250 kg (165 – 550 lb)
  • Dough 120 – 400 kg (265 – 880 lb)
  • Dough/h up to 2,800 kg (6,170 lb)
  • Batches/h 5-7

Added Value

  • Industrial base discharge mixer for high dough capacity with minimal discharge time
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Reproducible quality of dough
  • 3-Zone-Mixing Principle for higher oxygen and homogeneous doughs
  • Maximal reliability as maintenance-free up to 8,000 h runtime

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Power Mixer – Base Discharge Spiral Mixer

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