WP Haton Crustica Bread Line, WP Bakery Group USA Industrial Baking Equipment in Shelton, CT USA

Production line for Mediterranean doughs, ancient bread, nature bread, sourdough bread, multigrain bread and many artisan breads.

The Crustica+® line is ideally suited for processing soft and very soft doughs and also special kinds of dough with a long pre-proof, sourdough bread, multigrain bread, dough with many additions as seeds, nuts, cheese and other additives. Water percentage of <80% can be processed without problems. Also, for the Crustica+®… a 12 hour pre-proof is not a problem.



  • The Crustica+ is dough piece controlled which means there is a high degree of weight accuracy of the individual dough pieces
  • The Crustica+ has no waste and cutting of dough
  • The Crustica+ can process doughs with high water contents <80%
  • Practically dust-free processing
  • All machine parts that come in contact with dough are Teflon coated, dough repellent conveyors, oiling, cups or trays.
  • Nearly all occurring forms can be produced… cylinder, round, long, with belly, pointed at the end.
  • Ingredients such as nuts, seeds, cheese, tomatoes and many others can be processed without problems
  • Doughs can be pre-proofed via a bowl proof, then directly be processed through a bypass of the pre-proofer with or without pre-proof
  • Doughs can be curled or rolled out/degassed or flattened
  • Round dough pieces can also be processed through the long moulder without any further processing. In this case, the long moulder is used as a transport
  • By means of the Voluminator on the divider doughs can be processed extreme dough friendly
  • Wide weight range
  • Capacity up to 1.500 pcs/h. – higher capacities on request
  • Completely automatic control through recipe control
  • Modular installation: at all times machines can be added or expanded or options to be added at a later stage


  • Dough hopper
  • Depositing device with V-belt
  • Higher capacities on demand
  • Customer specific Blue Box



  • Mediterranean doughs
  • ancient bread
  • nature bread
  • sourdough bread
  • multigrain bread
  • artisan breads


  • 100 – 1200 gr
  • < 1500 pcs/h.
  • 11 – 18 min. proofing time

Added Value


With the Crustica+® dough can be pre-moulded, ideal for the production of baguettes or elongated kind of doughs such as Brioche. Via the rounder with adjustable tracks, a whole range of (sticky) doughs with high to very high water percentages, can be rounded very well. The dough can be processed as a dough ball or as a pre-rolled dough piece in pockets or trays via the pre-proofer.

Rounded dough pieces can also be processed via the bypass of the pre-proofer and transported directly to the long moulder. A final rounder (optional) and long moulder can produce the final shape of the dough pieces. The long moulder has a bypass for non-pre-proofed round dough pieces. Dough pieces can be processed as pre-rolled long dough pieces with an intermediate proof time or round dough pieces with or without intermediate proof time.

The long moulder has a centering unit, 1 pair of sheeting rollers that can be opened or closed completely, 2 flattening rollers and a moulding belt or pressure board.

  • Type: Crustica+
  • Weight range: 150 – 1200 or 100 – 700 gr*
  • Capacity: <1500 pcs/h. (2500 pcs/h. with bypass proofer)
  • Proofing time at 1500 pcs/h.: 11 or 18 minutes
  • Connected load: 230/400 V, 50 Hz + earth

* Other weights/capacities depending on dough type.

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