The WP Haton Baguetta Bread Line is a fully automatic bread makeup system for the production of baguettes.

Our WP Haton Baguetta Bread Line: A new dimension in baguette making

The WP Haton Baguetta Bread Line is a fully automatic bread makeup system for the production of baguettes or related products and all products with a long oblong shape such as brioches or toast bread. The Baguetta Bread Line produces – automatically – breads with a high degree of consistency, quality and efficiency. Despite the fact that the breads are produced automatically, our WP Haton Baguetta Bread Line still provides an artisan quality in look, taste and shape.


  • Fully automatic makeup system
  • Minimal number of operators required
  • Dough-friendly system
  • High weight accuracy
  • Robust construction
  • Minimal maintenance and cleaning required
  • Perfect centering
  • Consistent and controlled process
  • Perfect moulding capabilities
  • Perfect depositing



Baguettes or other types of French bread with a water content up to 62%


  • BAGUETTA  < 3000 pcs/h.
  • BAGUETTA+  < 6000 pcs/h.

Dough weight range

  • BAGUETTA  < 750 gr
  • BAGUETTA+ < 750 gr

Dough piece length

  • BAGUETTA < 800 mm
  • BAGUETTA+ < 800 mm

Proofing time

  • BAGUETTA  first < 6 minutes
  • BAGUETTA+  first 10 – 15 minutes
  • BAGUETTA  second 0 minutes
  • BAGUETTA+  second 6 minutes

Baking tray

  • BAGUETTA  800 mm
  • BAGUETTA+  800 mm


  • BAGUETTA  2-3-4-5-6
  • BAGUETTA+  2-3-4-5-6

Added Value

  • The BAGUETTA line is suitable for capacities up to 3000 pieces per hour (or in case of the BAGUETTA+ < 6.000 pieces per hour), or the equivalent when cut in 2-3-4-5-6 pieces, thus producing to a maximum of 36.000 pieces per hour in a 6.000 pcs/h. line when cutting in 6 pieces per string.
  • The dough pieces are portioned from a bulk dough with or without a pre-proof process of dough with less or more water absorption and many different dough consistencies and dough types, with or without ingredients such as cheese, bacon, nuts, fruits and seeds.
  • The dough is processed eficient, and the end product is of a consistent quality towards texture, shape, dough piece length as well as dough weight accuracy guaranteeing a good end product, with an optimal process control resulting in a good tasting bread.

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