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The V 900 is a universal dough divider designed for high speed dividing and developed by WP Haton. This dough divider is suitable for most common types of dough like wheat, wheat/rye, multi grain, whole wheat as well stiff (pizza) doughs and soft (French) doughs.


Basic execution

  • V 900 : 3, 4, 5, 5s, 6, 7, 8, 3/6, 4/8 pocket machine
  • Dividing unit ni-resist with automatic oiling
  • Belt oiling
  • Discharge conveyor 500 mm., with quick-lock system, scraper and catch tray
  • Separate drive on in- and outside conveyor with drum motors – Pneumatic discharge flap with plastic scraper
  • Hopper stainless steel, teflonized 75 liter, H=1769 mm.
  • Hopper base teflonized
  • Frequency inverter for variable speed
  • Operation by means of touch screen (colour):
    – stop position – servo weight adjustment – pre-set counter
  • Discharge flap and positioning roller controlled from touch screen
  • Main piston plastic/aluminium
  • Automatic switch of in case of no oil
  • Measuring pistons bronze
  • Knife hardened steel
  • Cover plates stainless steel, brushed, with Schmersal safety switches
  • Frame steel, nickel coated
  • Crankshaft and drive rods cast iron, nickel coated


  • Hopper with HDPE covering
  • Oiling on hopper
  • Discharge conveyor 500 mm. per 100 mm., up to 1500 mm. i.o.v. 1600 mm.
  • Flour duster with independent drive
  • Belts, felt
  • Plastic cover for touch screen
  • Hopper, teflonized, 150 liters
  • Connection for checkweigher
  • Oil catch pan under machine, movable



  • Wheat doughs
  • Wheat/rye doughs
  • Multi grain doughs
  • Whole wheat doughs
  • Stiff (Pizza) doughs
  • Soft (French) doughs


  • max. 12,000 pcs/h

Added Value


  • High weight precision
  • Reduced oil, 40-60% less oil usage
  • Robust design
  • Excellent processing of most common dough types in automated high capacity lines
  • Dough is measured in a stand still position of the measuring pistons, under adjustable hydraulic pressure, for a high weight precision; also at high capacities
  • Automatic cleaning system with a second oil pump for sugar solving oil (option)
  • Conveyor easy removable by using special trolley
  • Heavy duty dividing mechanism with ni-resist dividing unit
  • Quick-lock conveyor belt system for easy cleaning
  • Drum motor on every conveyor
  • Touch screen with service Program
  • Oil catch tray underneath conveyor and complete machine
  • Dough hopper hingeable

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