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Universal Dough Divider

Suitable for dividing rye dough and batter dough with a water absorption between 175 and 190. Direct depositing of dough into the tins.


Basic execution Parta U Direkt:

  • Machine in 2 pocket execution
  • Dividing unit (hopper base, main piston, dividing chamber and dividing piston) in ni-resist, a highly wear-resistant chrome-nickel alloy
  • Knife made of hardened steel
  • Dividing mechanism with automatic oiling
  • Frame, crankshaft and drive rods cast iron
  • Transport direction left / right
  • Perforated back slide coverplate for visual control
  • Stainless steel cover plates
  • Hingeable stainless steel hopper with safety ring
  • Hopper content 245 liters
  • Release signal pan conveyor stopper
  • Mechanical and electrical locking tin transport
  • Pan conveyor plug
  • Mobile pan conveyor

Options Parta U Direkt

  • Hingeable hopper, content 120 liters
  • Hopper teflonized
  • Servo-weight adjustment comfort kit with digital display
  • Variable capacity by means of frequency inverter 1230-2840 pcs/h.
  • Machine height increased by 100 mm, H=1712 mm.
  • Mobile pan conveyor L = 3000 m. Stainless steel undercarriage. 4 plastic swivel castors, plastic transport chain, W=190 mm, stainless steel cover plates, adjustable side guides, 2 photocells for tin positioning and counting signalisation



  • Rye doughs
  • Batter doughs


  • max. 2,100 pcs/h

Added Value


  • Dough friendly and weight exact dividing
  • Processing of very soft dough types
  • Dividing pressure and suction level adjustable
  • Wear-resistant dividing mechanism with ni-resist dividing unit
  • Robust and reliable construction
  • Hopper content 245 l (standard) upon input height of 1937 mm
  • Hingeable hopper for easy cleaning
  • Easy accessibility for cleaning and maintenance

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