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The Strain family talks about catering their bread and other baked goods to the restaurant and deli trade — walking us through the steps, dough divider, bread rounder and bread moulder. Eric Strain has this to say about our V 300 Dough Divider. "That divider hits a pound and a half every single time."
A growing large wholesale bakery in Salt Lake City, Utah tells their story of how this Brother & Sister team built their bakery on the foundation of their German roots and grew from a small retail shop to its success today.
The Strain Family: Wedemeyer Bakery
Derrick Schmerse & Tammy Hines: Stone Ground Bakery
Andrea Corazzini: Whole G Café Bakery
Etai Bar-on & Peter Kelsey: Izzio Artisan Bakery
Bread is the meaning of life according to Andrea Corazzini of Whole G in New Haven, CT. "When we saw equipment like WP, we realized that we were in front of a much better situation to prepare what we wanted to prepare. A perfect bread starts with the right mixer, the right shaping, the right oven."
Izzio Artisan Bakery in Denver, CO is making the change from sheeting lines to WP Haton bread lines to handle the formulas that push fermentation to an extreme. Peter Kelsey explains how the fundamental flaw with sheeting lines is that dough weights vary and at Izzios they have experienced 15% with the trim and overall 20%-25% with trim, flour and time.