WP Kemper Mini Quadro Round Dough Divider, WP Bakery Group USA, Retail, Wholesale and Industrial Baking Equipment and Food Service Equipment, Shelton, CT

The Dough Divider for Rounds and Squares

Round or square? Can’t decide? Make both. Produce round and square products with the Mini Quadro Round and increase your product diversity.


  • Various roller knives
  • Stamping station
  • Various, individual stamping tools
  • Sheeting & curling longmoulder
  • Belt longmoulder
  • Seeding device with rotary plate incl. Moistening system
  • Automatic seeding device
  • Reciprocating belt



  • Long dough sticks
  • Triangle rolls
  • Diamond-shaped rolls
  • Ciabatta bread/-rolls
  • Square rolls
  • Stamped rolls
  • Round rolls
  • Mini-Baguette


  • 30 – 1,000 g (0.07 – 0.29 lb)
  • Up to 4,000 pcs./h
  • Dough absorption rate up to 70% (depending on dough)

Added Value

  • Production of round and square products with one machine
  • Artisan, reproducible quality of rolls
  • Easy operating and high production safety due to WP Kemper INUS control
  • Flexible due to short setup time
  • Expandable to a fully automatic mini line

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MINI QUADRO ROUND Dough Dividing Machine

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