Equipment Close-Up: WP Kemper Quadro RelaxS

The WP Kemper Quadro RelaxS is a rustic roll system ideal for small and medium-sized bakeries. Capable of processing doughs with up to an 80% absorption rate, the Quadro RelaxS provides high flexibility and can produce up to 12,000 rustic rolls an hour with a six-row capacity. The all-new Kemper INUS control makes the Quadro RelaxS easy to operate, and the hygenic Kemper CleanTec construction makes the machine easy to clean. The optional Kemper Key ensures operational control every batch.

WP Kemper Quadro RelaxS

WP Kemper Quadro RelaxS

The Quadro RelaxS is ideal for wheat doughs, mixed wheat doughs, mixed rye doughs, and ciabatta doughs with up to 80% absorption (depending on flour). Optional features include an additional roller knife, the Kemper Key operational control, and additional stamping tools. Weight range: Rustic Rolls: 25-140g/piece. Rustic Bread: up to 1,000g/piece.

The Quadro RelaxS is an award-winning machine! While at Südback 2011, the Kemper Quadro RelaxS was awarded the Südback Trophy for Innovative Solutions!

Here are some videos of the Quadro RelaxS in action.





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