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The CleanTec Dough Divider

The appreciated dough divider is a “must have” if you talk about the production of unique bread. Due to the hydraulic spring and the Multi-Measuring chamber, the Imperator is the optimal combination of gentle dough processing and weight accuracy.


  • Hygiene:
    • Easy to clean due to CleanTec system
    • Large doors provide easy access
    • Removable components like discharge conveyor, measuring piston and flour duster simplify cleaning
    • Separation of production area and drive area within the machine


    •  gentle processing of small and high weight accuracy and adjustment of the preset dough quantity


    • Constant weights due to weight monitoring and durable Ni-Resist-Chamber
    • Transparent hopper to see the filling level
    • Easy adaption to local operating conditions due to height adjustment (machine body and belt), belt length and hopper size



  • Wheat dough
  • Mixed wheat dough
  • Mixed rye dough
  • Rye dough
  • Grain dough


  • 150 – 2,900 g (0.33 – 6.4 lb)
  • 600 – 1,500 pcs./h
  • Dough absorption rate up to 75% (depending on dough)

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IMPERATOR CT II Dough Dividing Machine

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