Who We Are
Our Values: think process!
Company History

Who We Are

WP Bakery Group USA designs, manufactures, installs and services equipment for all aspects of the baking industry. Commercial and industrial machines include: mixers, bread lines, roll lines, donut lines, bagel lines, pretzel lines, fryers and all oven types.

The US-based subsidiary of WP Bakery Group offers customized and flexible solutions for industrial bakers, food service bakers and artisanal bakers. Product lines utilize advanced baking technology for every step in the process – mixing, dividing & moulding, proofing, cooling and baking.

Each division and brand in the WP Bakery Group family has an expertise and rich history that they bring to the table. The company has evolved and expanded since its early beginnings in Germany in 1898, aligning with a solid portfolio of companies that began with tradition and led to innovation.

WP Bakery Group USA brings the legacy of trusted European baking equipment companies and hailed brands to the U.S. market – blending the highest level of German engineering with state of the art baking technology – and then translating this recipe for American bakers.
Today WP Bakery Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent and technologically advanced baking solutions. Over a century of knowledge and collective experience goes into the production of each and every piece of equipment.

Our Values: think process!

WP is the company for bakers. The company’s philosophy is, “think process!” because only when all the separate baking processes are perfectly in tune with one another, is it possible to achieve consistently high quality products with cost-effectiveness. An optimized manufacturing process means:

  • Measurable energy savings
  • Less waste
  • Simple equipment operation
  • A baking process that requires less hands-on staff time
  • Higher productivity
  • Reproducible product quality
  • Satisfied and happy staff and customers

Bakers require high quality, durable and dependable equipment that is flexible enough to handle their precise needs. Every piece of WP Bakery Group equipment is backed up by a team of experienced, reliable, on-call service technicians with fast response times. The WP support team is committed and available to help solve problems, tweak equipment, provide repairs and even create tailor-made parts to suit specific baking requirements.

Company History

Patricia Kennedy, President, WP Bakery Group USA

Patricia Kennedy, President

In 1989, Horstmann Group bought a baking equipment manufacturer, Emil Kemper GmbH, a German factory that can trace its roots back to 1898. In 1990, Patricia Kennedy founded WP Bakery Group USA under the name Kemper Bakery Systems. WP Bakery Group USA is the North American subsidiary of WP Bakery Group and is also a Horstmannn Group company. Kennedy’s background in business, marketing and branding provided a strong foundation for her role as President of WP Bakery Group USA. A member of the Board of Directors for the Bread Baker’s Guild of America for many years, Kennedy became very involved in the artisan side of baking early on in her career. She understands and respects the absolute precision that bakers require from their equipment, because the baking process is as much science as it is art. WP Bakery Group USA then applies this knowledge to industrial formulations to create reproducible, high quality baked goods. The Horstmannn Group acquired Werner & Pfleiderer in 1997, a group consisting of three factories. Werner & Pfleiderer Haton B.V. (WP Haton) in Netherlands produces a full range of bread make-up equipment; Werner & Pfleiderer Bakery Technologies (WP L) in Dinkelsbuhl, Germany, produces a full range of ovens and roll equipment; and Werner & Pfleiderer Industrial Bakery Technologies (WPIB) in Stuttgart, Germany where all industrial projects are managed.  The Kemper factory along with the three new Werner & Pfleiderer factories then joined together to become WP Bakery Group, a strong brand name that is highly regarded and recognized in the international baking equipment industry. Meanwhile in the U.S., the North American subsidiary was growing with its core Kemper equipment such as the Kemper Spiral Mixer (a favorite among bakers) and Kemper roll machines. Soon after, they also began to carry key pieces equipment from the Werner & Pfleiderer factories, notably the WP Matador hearth deck oven, WP Haton Breadline concepts and WP L roll lines. In 2001, Horstmannn Group acquired Winkler Bäckereitechnik GmbH of Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany along with all of their trademarks, designs, drawings and technical know-how. With this acquisition, the USA subsidiary, Winkler USA / Bakery Engineering Winkler subsidiary was added to the group. Winkler specializes in high-capacity roll equipment and is known for the Admiral roll divider, the most robust of all roll-dividing machines in the industry. As the expansions and acquisitions continued, an impressive portfolio of companies joined together under what is today, the WP Bakery Group umbrella. The company has continued to evolve to meet the needs of a growing client base, from artisanal bakers to in-store bakers and industrial baking facilities. In 2010, the group added the WP Food Service In-Store line, specializing in equipment for small bakeshops, pizzerias, and in-store bakeries. Their flagship product, the Matador Store, provides the proven technology of the Matador stone hearth gas oven in a smaller, electric, stylish format perfect for in-store use. In January of 2013, Kemper Bakery Systems and Winkler USA, aka Bakery Engineering Winkler, joined together under one collective management team that is led by Kennedy and Jay Moynihan, Technical Director. Moynihan, with his high level of technical experience and industry knowledge, leads the technical team that designs and develops baking equipment that complements the European lines out of their manufacturing facilities in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. In July of 2013, WP Bakery Group of Germany acquired WP Riehle, a German company specializing in pretzel lye applications, kettle frying and tray cleaning. Later that year, in the fall of 2013, Kemper Bakery Systems and Winkler USA, aka Bakery Engineering Winkler, officially rebranded to form WP Bakery Group USA to reflect the two groups uniting as one organization, with one central management team, bringing baking equipment to the North American market. WP Bakery Group USA operates as a single entity, a family that represents some of the best baking equipment brands in the world.

Today WP Bakery Group USA includes several recognizable brands:
WP Kemper: mixing and roll lines
WP Bakery Technologies (WP L): roll lines, baking, in-store baking and cooling WP Haton: bread lines
WP Winkler: Roll lines, bagel equipment, custom equipment, with manufacturing in the USA
WP Riehle: pretzel, frying and tray cleaning equipment
WP Industrial Bakery Technologies: industrial turnkey bakery projects

WP Bakery Group belongs to many trade organizations including:
Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds (BEMA), American Bakers Association (ABA), The American Society of Baking, The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA), National Restaurant Association, North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) and The Bread Baker’s Guild of America.