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Archive for October 2016

Jaws Drop at IBIE 2016 When Learning About Our WP Rototherm Green

IBIE 2016 Recap, Rototherm Green at IBIE Innovation Showcase

So there we are busily working in our booth (booth #7733, in case you didn’t know) extolling the numerous, numerous features and benefits of our WP Rototherm Green Rack Oven… and what happens as we discuss its greatness? Jaws drop. No kidding. Our customers’ jaws are dropping as they learn of our Rototherm’s amazing capabilities…

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WP and IBIE, Focus: Matador Store Oven at the Pizza Pavilion

Salvatore of Mirabella Old World Pizza, Greenville, NC prefers the Matador Store oven of the three ovens in the IBIE 2016 competition.

WP Bakery Group USA loaned a Matador Store 6.8.4 for the pizza competitions at the Pizza Pavilion sponsored by PMQ Magazine. Pizza shop owners were invited to compete for best pizza using three ovens: Our WP Haton Matador Store Electric Stone Hearth Oven, a Peerless Deck Oven and an Italforni Tunnel Oven. Salvatore of Mirabella Old…

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IBIE 2016, Day 1 Recap

IBIE 2016 Recap, Rototherm Green at IBIE Innovation Showcase

WP and IBIE and our Rototherm® Green Our WP Rototherm® Green was at the center of attention on Opening Day of IBIE 2016. Plenty of buzz and plenty of interest, particularly once the attendees understood what sets our rack oven apart from the others. WP’s Bruce Gingrich gave a presentation to a crowd of attendees…

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