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The MATADOR line – over 60 years of proven results around the world!

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60 years of quality
- Unique ZYKLOTHERM heating system for perfect heat transfer
- Easy accessible stone baking hearths
- Highly effective high tech insulation 30 cm thick
- Can be used with semi or fully automated charging and automation systems

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Hearth-baked products
Tray-baked products
9 Sizes, with baking areas from 8 to 19 m2
WP Navigo II Profi-Control Plus
WP Intelligent Energy Control
Draw Plate Decks
Combitherm – two different temperature groups
Folding Table
Glass Doors

PELLADOR® is a deck oven fired with wood pellets that has an open flame burning directly into the baking chamber, like in the historic wood-fired oven. It gives the baked goods the typical wood oven flavor.
– Use of environmentally friendly, renewable energy resources builds customer confidence
– Bread baked in wood-fired ovens is the trend and allows for greater added value in the market
– Best baking results in proven MATADOR quality
– New products and environmental awareness attract new customers into the store
– Flavorful bread from wood-fired oven
– No bitter substances from the soot in the bread/pastries
– Smaller footprint
– Low energy consumption

  Pellador Wood Burning Baking Oven (1.2 MiB, 12 hits)

WP Pellador Wood-Burning Baking Oven, WP Bakery Group USA, Industrial, Commercial Baking Equipment & Food Service Equipment, Shelton, CTHearth-baked products
Tray-baked products
Number of ovens 2–3
Oven width 1.2–1.8m
Oven depth 2.0–2.4m
Baking area 4.8–12.96m2
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