Werner & Pfleiderer Bakery Technologies

WP L is our manufacturing and competence center for deck ovens – gas, oven loading solutions, rack ovens, commercial roll lines, and industrial roll lines. Located in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. WP-L, is known for the famous Matador gas deck oven with over 75,000 installations worldwide and is also known for the worldwide use of the Tiwemat roll divider rounder, just to name a few. We're always leading the industry in new technology for solid production solutions.

WP L Roll Lines

Flexible, modular roll lines for numerous types of dough and a wide range of weight ranges and absorption rates.

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WP L Deck Ovens

The MATADOR line – over 60 years of proven results around the world!

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WP L Oven Loading Systems

From semi-automatic to fully automatic, our oven loading systems are ideal for automating the production process and relieving staff members from heavy physical work.

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WP L Rack Ovens

Rotating rack ovens ensure all products – from bread to fine

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WP L Electric Ovens / Instore Baking

Pairing MATADOR oven technology with style and function, the Electric Oven line from WPBAKERYGROUP USA is perfect for in-store theatre baking.

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