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WP Haton

Werner & Pfleiderer Haton B.V.

WP Haton is our manufacturing and competence center for bread make up machines and complete lines. Located in Panningen, Netherlands, WP Haton manufactures and supplies innovative concepts for automated dough processing for bread. As bread = culture, we want to promote our modularized production lines by branding these with names such as Crustica™, Baguetta™, Classica™, Instant™, 
Easy Toast™, Ryena™ and Sweety™. Names with recognition that stand for quality, variety, longevity and reliability.

WP Haton Bread Lines

Our bread lines feature user-friendly, technologically advanced modular bread lines for a variety of products.

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WP Haton Bread Dividers

Dough-friendly dividing for all bakery sizes. With high weight precision and a high variety of dividing weights, WPBAKERYGROUP USA has the divider right for your bakery.

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WP Haton Bread Rounders

Dough- friendly conical bread rounders with capacities starting at 2,500 pieces per hour, with a variety of weight ranges.

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WP Haton Intermediate Proofers

From intermediate proofing to fully automatic proofing systems, WP BAKERY GROUP USA has several…

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WP Haton Long Moulders

WP BAKERY GROUP USA offers universal long moulders for a variety of products and capacities, starting at 1500 pieces per hour all the way up to 4200 pieces per hour.

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WP Haton Decoseeder

The WP Haton DecoSeeder Automatic Seeding Unit… after…

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