Deck Ovens/Loaders

The World Famous Matador Oven

A classic multi deck baking oven, the Matador helps bakers fulfill their high requirements while providing extremely even and consistently identical baking results. The Matador pairs industry leading technology with consistent and even baking results. With over 60,000 units in use around the world, the Matador is the standard for high quality bread production. The Matador features the WP patented cyclothermic baking system, which heats from front to back; WP Combitherm, which allows for 2 different baking temperatures for flexible production; stone hearths; and a strong robust heating system with quick recovery, perfect for 24 hour per day production. Plus, every Matador is equipped with the Navigo WP control system. The Matador is available in oil, gas, or electric models. The Matador oven is TUV-Certified Energy Efficient.

Model Energy Type Baking Area
Matador MD Oil or gas 8-19 m2
Matador MDV Oil or gas 8-43 m2
Matador MDE Electric 8-18 m2

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Oven Loading Systems
Oven loading systems are one of the best ways to save labor and increase quality in the bakery. Oven loading systems are ideally suited for automating the production process and to relieve staff members from heavy physical work. The loading systems use a track installation and a moving unit, which is safeguarded by barriers and photo sensors. The integrated controlled system can be used to program the loading and emptying processes; this prevents baking times from falling below or exceeding the target time. Choose from the three levels of loaders from WP.

Loader Type Maximum Number of Ovens
Ober Pro – Fully automatic 8 ovens 1 m/s
Steward – Fully automatic 3 ovens 0.3 m/s
Page – Semi automatic 3 ovens 0.3 m/s

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